Countdown to the 3rd Annual MLotA

About MLotA

The idea for the Masonic Lodges on the Air Contest grew out of the realization that many Freemasons have a love for Amateur Radio.  Our own lodge has at least 5 HAMs who are active members of the lodge as well.  Inspired by what the folks over at the Portage County Radio Club did with the Ohio State Parks on the Air, we crafted an idea to start a new contest to see how many Masonic Lodges we might be able to contact in a day.  We first thought it would be limited to Ohio, but why stop there?  2021 is the first year for this event, and hopefully not the last!

3rd Annual MLOTA is done

Year three is in the books. I would like to personally thank all of the lodges that activated and all of the hunters at home who were looking for us. I know it is not an easy task with so much competition with state QSO parties and POTA. A couple of things to look for soon:

MLOTA 2023 is just 12 days out!

Between vacation, appendant masonic bodies, and other nonsense like work, this one snuck up on me!  I should have started getting reminders out sooner, but September 23 is the next annual MLOTA!  We have tried to streamline rules, as well as make score submission easier.  Please help spread the word in your districts and Grand Lodge jurisdictions.  

Category Winners for the 2nd MLOTA

Long delay in getting this update pushed out. I'll definitely be seeking more help in the coming year to review and post updates:

Multi-Op/Multi-Transmitter operating from a Masonic Lodge

   WC3PS - Westmoreland Emergency Amateur Radio Service, Inc. operating from King Solomon Lodge No. 346 in the Grand Lodge Of Pennsylvania

Multi-Op/Single-Transmitter operating from a Masonic Lodge

The 2nd Annual MLotA was a success

The antennas, radios, and power supplies are all stowed away until the next field event, and I honestly feel like the event grew tremendously this year.  Through everyone's hard work at promoting the event through social media, news outlets, both Amateur Radio and Masonic publications, and word of mouth, we saw an amazing spike in the number of lodges being reported in some of the DX clusters and spotter networks. It was a great feeling to have contacted so many more lodges than last year.

Mailing List is now available

For the benefit of everyone not on facebook, I have stood up a mailing list for the MLOTA event.  At the present time, I have everyone joining initially flagged as moderated.  I'll open those accounts up as people post (to weed out spamming). The mailman reflector is here:


Is your Lodge Planning Something Special on September 24?

Thanks to Bob Holstrom for sharing this event his group is hiolding at the historic DeWint House in Tappan, NY.  Is you lodge planning an openhouse or special event for the day?  Let us know!

Just about 4 weeks out from the 2nd annual MLOTA event

We are just under 4 weeks out from the second annual Masonic Lodges on the Air event, and the brothers of Fulton Lodge 248 are starting to get excited about participating. A quick shout-out is in order to John over at the ARRL for showcasing our event in the League newsletter as well (ARRL article here).  I will be working to get a few updates to reporting after the event very shortly here.

Long Overdue, but here are the results of the 1st Masonic Lodges on the Air

The posting on this is long overdue as we wanted to give as much time as possible for log files to roll in. Many lessons were learned as part of our first time hosting a contest, and we are already preparing for electronic submission of scores to make it more convenient.

On that note, we want to congratulate the MML category winners WC3PS The Westmoreland Emergency Amateur Radio Service for activating Philanthropy Lodge #225 in Greensburg PA, part of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania and making 109 QSOs, including 4 lodges for a combined score of 436.

A quick update on logs

Hi folks, sorry for the delay in update, we have received several logs so far, and I would be glad to accept a few more through October. If you have an opportunity to send in your entries to please do. Examples of the summary file can be found here


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Remember The Date

The Saturday of (or immediately following) the Autumnal Equinox

Future Dates

  • 3rd MLOTA – September 23, 2023
  • 4th MLOTA - September 28. 2024
  • 5th MLOTA - September 27. 2025
  • 6th MLOTA - September 26, 2026

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